Archaeologists in Quarantine

Join Tash_Archaeo and Guests on our YouTube LIVE streamed show

During these unprecedented times, what better way to stay connected with fellow archaeologists than to have a weekly LIVE streamed webinar/podcast. Join me, as I chat to Archaeologists all over the world, sieving-out-the-dirt on their research and experiences, including how Covid19 has affected their studies/expeditions.

Approaching Colonialism
Ancient China from Above
Women in Maritime Archaeology
Nomad Warriors of Siberia
Domestication with Ethnocynology
Winter Solstice at Stonehenge
Changing the Narrative: Boukman Academy
Martial Arts in India
Intertidal Archaeology
15th Century Medieval Castles
Roman Reuse and Recycling
Archaeology Avengers NYE Zoom Party
African Diaspora
The Himalayas
Art History
Maritime Archaeology
Basra: World’s First Muslim City
The man behind the spoon, Historysmilo

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